Influencer Collaborations

Reach your customers through influencers they trust.

Get consumers talking about your brand and buying your products through influencer marketing.

Get Matched With Influencers

Who are hungry to promote your brand.


Create Your Campaign

Segment demographically and geographically.


Match With Creators

Choose influencers who love your products.


Review & Approve

Review your promotions before they go live.


Measure & Automate

Review results and let our platform do the rest.

Influencer Collaborating With A Brand

Two Ways To Advertise

Your Content

Provide branded content for the influencers to promote.

Creator Content

Influencer generated content which you get to review and approve.

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Campaign Automation

Launch influencer campaigns in miuntes. Sit back, and relax while our platform takes care of the rest.

Influencer Analysis

In-depth metrics to help you build a winning strategy.


Our platform filters out influencers with fake engagement.

Creator Search

Access to a large database of influences your customers love.

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Own a Local Business or a Chain?

Find thousands of influencers in your city. Thousands of cities to search.

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